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Publisher MacSoft
Type Demo
License Demo
Version 1.5.2
Date Added 7/15/2005
Size 122 MB
Downloads 842,834
Halo Demo 1.5.2
Demo of MacSoft's Halo

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Mac Games Rating BARRY IS DRUNK (8/2/2005 - version 1.5.2)
Note that the full version of Halo for mac came out several years ago. It's only the demo that's late. (nudge to jules771)
Mac Games Rating Ravi Kumar (7/31/2005 - version 1.5.2)
this game is very good, but can't download, it just stops at 41.1mb, iz there any other ftp or http link to download this game
Mac Games Rating timmy (7/29/2005 - version 1.5.2)
Mac Games Rating tbg10101 (7/28/2005 - version 1.5.2)
A wicked game! I want the full version now!
Mac Games Rating jules771 (7/26/2005 - version 1.5.2)
Boy! am I excited, with this kind of release schedule, this means that will get the battlefield 2 port in 2009!
Mac Games Rating Dithre (7/25/2005 - version 1.5.2)
One of the best games in existence. It runs well on even slower computers, and it looks awesome too. Ran fine on my 867MhZ G4 laptop, runs excellent on my newer 1.67GhZ G4 as well...
Mac Games Rating Down with Microsoft! (7/25/2005 - version 1.5.2)
This is a good game, don't get me wrong. However I wish Microsoft's programmers knew how to correctly port a game so it doesn't lag like crap on even the best machines. Get it right Microsoft... for once........... On second thought, don't. Just go out of buisness when everyone realizes you suck.
Mac Games Rating Killer Squirrel (7/25/2005 - version 1.5.2)
Very good Demo. Runs fine on my 700mhz G4 eMac with only minimal lag with graphics turned low (This doesn't bother me but it might bother you). I am Defenatly going to buy this.
Mac Games Rating bobob (7/23/2005 - version 1.5.2)
alot of bad reviews just because the graphics suck. THEY DON"T suck so what... they are a little choppy, so what the gameplay lags because you have a slow computer. The speed of your computer does not effect the gameplay! This game runs really good on my laptop: the first version of a G4 os 10 laptop. The graphics rock. the game is less bloody and gorrey then unreal tournament. all though unreal tournament has like a million levels and games, and is really easy, The gameplay, and graphics for Halo make up for it. The game has a sense of humor it is funny how when i shoot a guy from my own team in campaign He asks me if I owe him money! LOL I think this game rules!!!!!!!!! People also complain about the price. HEY Doom 3 is 50 bucks too. I own doom 3! It is a good game with great graphics too.
Mac Games Rating johan (7/22/2005 - version 1.5.2)
i bought the game and it lags really bad even when im playin missions im running it on a g5 imac 1.25Gig ram 1.8Ghz and a geforce fx 5200 ultra 64vram ???!! got any advice?

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