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Mac Game Files
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  SkyFighters 1918 wMB 0.78 - A WWI era flight sim with Mission Builder 39.4MB   simulations  
  ZXSP-OSX 0.7.3pre5 - ZX Spectrum simulator (OS X) 2.4MB   simulations  
  Thoroughbred Derby 1.4 - A free horse race betting game. 1.9MB   simulations  
  TV Station Manager 1.2.4 - - Take control of a small independent TV station. 10.3MB   simulations  
  Vega Strike 0.5.0 - Vega Strike 3d Space Trading and Combat Simulator 541MB   simulations  
  SteamTRAIN 3.1 - Steam locomotive and train simulator. 4.8MB   simulations  
  Racer - OpenGL car simulation with realistic physics 24.8MB   simulations  
  Chrysalis-B 1.04 - A game where you must guide six species through the evolutionary process. 6.63K   simulations  
  Questionable 1.0.2 - Run your own quiz show, similar to Jeopardy. 1.8MB   simulations  
  Lobster Petting X 1.5 - Because you always wanted to pet a lobster. 4.5MB   simulations  
  Fish 1.5 - 3D Aquarium Simulator 4.8MB   simulations  
  Beauty Salon 1.0 - Manga style dress-up game. 13.8MB   simulations  
  PB100_Simulator 0.1b - Simulates the Casio PB100. 517K   simulations  
  First Gen Games 2.1 - Remake of the classic space landing game. 67K   simulations  
  The Restaurant Game 1.9.1 - Collaborative development research project. 32.2MB   simulations  
  Alice Greenfingers 1.03 - Download Alice Greenfingers 3.2MB   simulations  
  Chrysalis-A 1.02 - Real-time causal pace evolution widget game. 5.8MB   simulations  
  Danger from the Deep 0.2 - WWII German submarine simulator. 55MB   simulations  
  Boog 1.0 - Play with a bunch of bugs. 92K   simulations  
  Democracy 1.0.1 - Game where you run your own Democracy 10.1MB   simulations  
  Orbital Trader 1.0.4 - Build an interplanetary trading empire. 2MB   simulations  
  FedTermX 1.02 - Front-end for Federation 2. 3.2MB   simulations  
  Delivery 1.0.5 - Delivery 1.0.5 is a trivial delivery company simulation 1MB   simulations  
  Lemonade Stand 1.0 - Port of a 1979 classic Apple II game. 1MB   simulations  
  Exegesis 1.0 - Spiritual Warfare Simulator 23MB   simulations  
  Freespace2 2.0 - Space simulation, shooter game. 1464.3MB   simulations  
  Election Day 1.0 - Run for president of the United States 329K   simulations  
  GL-177 1.3.2 - Action flight simulator 1.8MB   simulations  
  Targetware .64 - A massively-multiplayer, high-fidelity combat flight sim 5MB   simulations  
  Mini-Sub Racing Beta 1.0 - Direct Download 3.4MB   simulations  
  FlightGear 0.9.8 - Open source, multi-platform flight sim 110MB   simulations  
  iBush 2.4 - Artificially unintelligent Oval Office Occupant simulator 142K   simulations  
  GutterBall 2 1.0 - 3D bowling game 14MB   simulations  
  Islands Mini-Golf ADD-ON #1 1.0 - Expansion pack for Islands Mini-Golf. 3MB   simulations  
  Pyrotechnium 1.0 - Fireworks simulator. 1MB   simulations  
  Virtual Pet Rock 1.1 - Feed & care for your own pet rock 1MB   simulations  
  Yexi 1.04 - Tactical spaceship combat simulation game 8MB   simulations  
  SimHarbor 1.2.2 - Seaport simulation game 3MB   simulations  
  Lookoutnow Paper Ships 1.52 - Imagine folding pages from a newspaper or magazine into a paper ship 566K   simulations  
  ZXSP-MAC 0.1.8 - ZX Spectrum simulator 659K   simulations  
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