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Publisher Delta Tao
Type Update
License $14.95
Version 768
Date Added 8/22/2012
Size 56.7 MB
Downloads This Version 5,459
Downloads of All Time 33,745
Clan Lord 768
A world of high fantasy role-playing on the Internet

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Mac Games Rating Great community awesome game (2/8/2011 - version 684)
Don't understand what is up with the below post, I'm also new and I've had a completely different experience. The game is great, the community is excellent, friendly and helpful and sure it takes a while to get strong but this isn't one of those games where you reach lvl cap overnight. Highly recommend Clan Lord, especially if you like charming 2D Graphics combined with some serious role playing.
Mac Games Rating Been There Dont Go (1/11/2011 - version 684)
Don't bother. This game is dead but hasn't been buried. The 3 classes (fighter, healer, mystic) are so screwed up they'll never be fixed. Do not play a Mystic EVER, unless you like being considered totally useless and treated that way as well. If you want to play a Healer, do not expect to be useful for at least 2 years (no kidding). Here's how you start off. You are exiled to a penal colony on a tiny island. You will spend the rest of your entire life here. Do not expect to escape it, you can't. Even touching the waters' edge will kill you. You will spend the vast majority of your time sitting in the mud of town center, doing nothing. If you decide to explore outside of town, because the island is so small, the danger level rises dramatically as soon as you pass the city's walls. You will die within 2 squares. And you may lay there for a long time before someone assists you, or not. For a game that is free to play you'd think there'd be thousands online, but in reality there are only a handful of hardcore players still clinging on. And with so small a population of players, you'd think they would be grateful when new players show up. Most are, but more than a few are not. And they will be especially cruel to your character because they are mostly bored, and can get away with it. Skill sets are very limited, some of them downright harmful to train in, and the end result is you'll be just like everyone else, with minimal variations. Sucking on a cattle prod and sticking an ice pick in your eye would be more fun than this game.
Mac Games Rating A Clan Lord player (7/5/2009 - version v603)
Great community, super helpful players, and pretty fun! This game has just gone free so I recommend you just try it and judge yourself.
Mac Games Rating Mira Willow (4/9/2009 - version v591)
I've played this game for several years, and I think it's great.By the way, now you just pay to start and it's free then on.
Mac Games Rating Steve (12/17/2008 - version v575)
Terrible AI, NPCs dumb as bricks, have to play at least 3 years to have a strong character. This game has little to offer to those who want to have fun while playing a game.
Mac Games Rating Fleming (12/6/2007 - version v523)
Awesome game. How can you argue with a game that is still around after 10 years.
Mac Games Rating Tai Shara (7/13/2007 - version v501)
Simple, elegant, complex, political, reputation building, challenging, collaborative... this is not a solo game. You make of it what you put into it. I'd have to say anyone looking for a game to give them a challenge and character interaction will like it. Anyone looking for instant level/gratification will not like it. I've not seen any game like this where each person is a unique individual with non-level skill based system. Somehow, it's kept my attention despite other games. There are so many facets to the game that are well balanced it's amazing it works as well as it does.
Mac Games Rating Torin (6/6/2007 - version v496)
I have been playing Clan Lord since 1999. No other game has held my interest that long. A few people play 10 hours per day; others play a couple of hours per week. With the library, even less active players will make progress. The graphics are old-fashioned and cartoon-like -- nothing ground-breaking, but they work. Lag and lost packets are very rare. A large percentage of players are female; why exactly that is, I'm not sure, but I'm glad they're there. The game has a rich legacy of player-created websites, maps, in-game music, art, and story-telling.
Mac Games Rating Grok (4/10/2007 - version v487)
Been playing for close to 300 versions now. I've played other MMORPG's as an active subscriber and demoed others and this also seems to be the one game that has a minimum of the usual internet boneheads running around.
Mac Games Rating James (3/8/2007 - version v484)
Great game with many unique features. Yes the graphics are not eye popping but CL more than makes up for that with its intangibles.

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