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Publisher Nuclear Nova
Type Shareware
License Shareware
Version 1.08
Date Added 11/9/2012
Size 7 MB
Downloads This Version 2,853
Downloads of All Time 17,685
Escape 1.08
Escape from a castle with 112 challenging puzzles.

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Mac Games Rating SheilaA (3/30/2009 - version 1.88)
For an antique style of game, it's actually kinda cute. It needs to be marketed that way, though. I don't think most adults or kids would enjoy it except as a novelty ("antigue/oldschool stuff"). HOWEVER, this would actually be very good for really young kids who get overstimulated easily. I liked the puzzle logic used, too. I think it could help pre-schoolers develop patience with problem-solving (as opposed to the timer-stress factor of most kids games). The fact that it has tons of levels is a real plus. -- Current description text for this game is misleading and doesn't address its true assets, so I'm not surprised that the average adult/teen downloader is frustrated. At first I thought $15 was overpriced, but given the number of levels offered I think it's quite fair. (Please drastically reduce the number of nag screens, however. They achieve an embarrassing level of overkill.)
Mac Games Rating hilarious (5/18/2007 - version 1.8.3)
this is poo on a stick
Mac Games Rating miramix (5/30/2006 - version 1.8.1)
Nice for in a museum this prehistorical primitive design. But boring with playing
Mac Games Rating Windows User (11/25/2005 - version 1.7.9)
Honestly I think Nuclear Nova should be banned from Mac Game Files and disallowed to program software. The extreme arrogance (and deceitfull BS) of the developers is a major turn off. But when your product is garbage, how can you expect people to put up with your attitude? It's not as if you're offering a great game for a few dollrs. You're asking $20 for a game that is much, much, much lower quality than the AVERAGE freeware game. You guys are in serious need of a reality check.
Mac Games Rating HOAXE (7/14/2005 - version 1.7.9)
This has to be the worst game I've ever played. THe whole dang game stinks.
Mac Games Rating Escrap (6/23/2005 - version 1.7.8)
How sad the the developer of this game just can't stand to be wrong. His website does in fact state that Escape is $20 to register, but if you go to pay by CREDIT CARD, the price is $15. Too bad he couldn't just admit he was WRONG and suck it up. This game really sucks, and has absolutely nothing to do with Zelda. Don't support this arrogant, no talent developer by downloading this waste of time. AND YES, there are about a million nag screens, and you don't need to play the game for more than 2 minutes to discover this.
Mac Games Rating MikeP (6/20/2005 - version 1.7.8)
I am considering buying this game and the site says $15 not $20. Some aspects remind me of Zelda for SNES
Mac Games Rating h@stngs (6/19/2005 - version 1.7.8)
The guy who made this game must be really lazy or just really unimaginative, because this is quite possibly the worst game I've played in years, and it's far from even as good as the original Mario Brothers. Very poor, and yes the registration fee really is $20.
Mac Games Rating Nuclear Nova Software (6/17/2005 - version 1.7.8)
First: It required me to put a rating so I selected the middle rating so hopefully I won't upset anyone. To the person who posted below me - First, the registration fee is NOT $20.00, you must have made that up. This is my first game and i'm sorry you didn't enjoy it, maybe if you liked puzzle games that make you think instead of flashy games with 3D graphics you would. It has been downloaded over 25 thousand times and I have well over 100 users that have bought it and requested more levels, so I will continue to support my old graphics game with new and challenging puzzles. Also, if you noticed how many shareware messages it had you must have liked it because it kept your interest long enough to keep playing it :)
Mac Games Rating Starry Eyed Surprise - 2 (6/17/2005 - version 1.7.8)
I just found out that the registration fee for this game is $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the developer in Nuclear Nova who made this game is absolutely out of his mind to think someone would pay such a gigantic fee for something with less value than a paperclip. I payed $20 for Laser Dolphin and $20 for Midnight Mansion, both of which beat the snot out of this pathetic excuse for a game. Nuclear Nova needs to retire, they obviously don't have any marketing sense or any ability to program games. Don't quit your day jobs...

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