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Mac Games Details
Publisher MacSoft
Type Update
License Update
Version 1.2
Date Added 6/10/2005
Size 1.7 MB
Downloads 13,595
Mac Games User Reviews
Dungeon Siege 1.2

This update is for the US retail version of Dungeon Siege only and must be updated to 1.1.2 first. It incorporates the following changes:

Japanese international support has been added.
Map loading has been optimized; walking through the world is now much smoother in many areas.
A crash related to playing sounds (which generally manifested itself in the Glitterdelve Mines) has been fixed. IMPORTANT! Due to this change, certain older save game files may no longer load. If you cannot load a particular save game, try loading another from the same general area or start a new game from scratch.
Random crashes near Hiroth Castle in the French and German builds have been fixed.
Option+Key commands (particularly Opt+E, Opt+U, Opt+I, and Opt+N) now function better. Labels should no longer toggle on and off when using Option+Key commands.
Critical Section threading is a bit more robust.
A memory calculation bug in Macs with greater than 4GB of RAM has been fixed.
A bug with calculating the true frequency (ie, speed) of the CPU has been fixed.
GameRanger games now properly respect the player limit setting.
New games now default to a resolution setting of 800x600.
Savegame names are now correctly limited to 23 characters (previously save names with more than 23 characters would fail).
New unsupported feature: Screen resolutions up to 1920x1200 are now allowed. To enable higher screen resolutions, edit the file "/Users/user name/Documents/Dungeon Siege/DungeonSiege.ini" and add the line "allow_unsupported_resolutions = 1". Then, start Dungeon Siege, go to the Options window, and click the Video tab to adjust the game resolution. If the game window becomes off-centered, try selecting the highest or lowest resolution your monitor can display, and then select the desired final resolution. Note that any resolution higher than 1024x768 is not supported; please do not contact MacSoft Technical Support if you have any issues related to this unsupported feature.

Mac Games System Requirements

Mac OS X Only
Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher
G3/G4 450 or better

Mac Games Download

Dungeon Siege 1.1.2
Dungeon Siege 1.1.2 to 1.2 updater
Dungeon Siege 1.2

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Mac Games User Reviews

Mac Games Rating Psycho Pirate (6/14/2005 - version 1.2)
This game phreakin RULEZ! If you want teh shizzle, you it right here.
Mac Games Rating F. Petrucci (6/13/2005 - version 1.2)
The game runs better now.
Mac Games Rating Strider (6/10/2005 - version 1.2)
agreed, more myth like but this is no bad thing! DS is a great game, great update this.
Mac Games Rating Gryhound (11/12/2003 - version 1.1.2)
Excellent Game. Not as fast paced as Diablo II but control of whole party and fighting styles is very fun. 3D camera angles "a la Myth" adds lots of depth to the game.

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