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Publisher MacPlay
Type Update
License Update
Version v1.0.9.6
Date Added 8/27/2003
Size 9 MB
Downloads 49,527
Aliens vs Predator 2 v1.0.9.6
Updates Aliens vs Predator 2

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Mac Games Rating Random Guy! (4/27/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
What's CrossOver Games??
Mac Games Rating Nostromo (4/22/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
I gave up trying to make this work under Leopard! it doesnt (under 10.5.2 anyway) so now Im using the PC version through CrossOver Games! :P works well enough, got multiplayer lan/wan, all the maps and so on, give it a try!!! maybe with 10.5.3 it will start to work again (but I wouldnt count much on it).
Mac Games Rating Random Guy! (3/28/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
Is there anyone reading this, I still need help.
Mac Games Rating fearless (2/17/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
I'm wondering the same thing as 'Nostromo' and 'Random Guy!'. I enjoyed the game on Mac OS 10.3!
Mac Games Rating Nostromo (2/15/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
Great game! but does anyone knows if it runs on intel? also there is a patch for the multiplayer function in all OSX's, if your intrested mail me to amigatech at mail dot pt
Mac Games Rating Random Guy! (1/9/2008 - version v1.0.9.6)
I have a mac book with 1 GB of memory along with 2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. Someone mind telling me why I can not get the main to load at all from the game. Heck I can't get Any thing to load. No visuals or Sounds Can be Experienced. I'm not looking for Multiplayer, Just Single Player. Can anyone Help Me Out?????
Mac Games Rating lee (8/22/2005 - version v1.0.9.6)
MacPlay is an embarassment to gaming on the Macintosh (an already fragile concept to many). AvP 2 does not support multiplayer outside of OS 10.2.8 (and really, who the heck uses 10.2.8?!) because MacPlay just doesn't want to patch up their crappy port. This patch does very little to alleviate the real problems this game has.
Mac Games Rating Frank Gellos (10/10/2004 - version v1.0.9.6)
It's been over a year since the last update and still; can't play on the internet. Macplay pull your thumbs out of your asses and do something, you lack of support when it comes to any of your games are pathetic and it's not like yous release many games, either.
Mac Games Rating Aussie Aussie Aussie (8/22/2004 - version v1.0.9.6)
Great game. Can't connect to any servers using, i'm using Panther. Is that a problem? I keep looking to see if there is an upgrade and just sits there forever. Is there an upgrade? Is there anyway of disableing this? What's the AVP Serv bit that came with the game do?
Mac Games Rating English Boy on the Loveranch (8/6/2004 - version v1.0.9.6)
Can we get a *new* patch for 2004 please? As of today, we still can't connect to the Internet when running Panther 10.3! (Jaguar 10.2 users are okay though) o_O

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Aliens vs Predator 2

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